The Imperialists bombarded Syria

14 Apr 2018


Today early in the morning, 04.00 local time, the governments of USA, Great Britain and France bombarded the people of Syria, setting on fire the Southeastern Mediterranean Region. By using fabricated charges and excuses they want to redistribute the natural resources, the energy routes and the spheres of influence.

FISE condemns the attack on the state of Syria that breaks the rules of any international law, we call the workers of the world, the class oriented trade unions , the affiliates and friends of FISE to unite their voices against the imperialistic interventions, the inter-imperialistic antagonisms, to show by any means their solidarity to the people of Syria.

We call the workers of the world to organise their struggle against NATO, EU and their allies, to be on guard against the plans of the governments of the imperialistic states that bloodshed the peoples for the profits of their monopolies.

With internationalism and international solidarity to uncover the Imperialists and the dangers that the imperialistic wars are creating. We assure the working class of Syria that we will stand on their side.

For the international class oriented trade union movement the people of Syria is the only responsible to decide freely and democratically for its own present and future and not the imperialists.

The Secretariat