The FISE Meeting for teachers in Asia marks a new phase for the Asian movement

The conclusion of the FISE Meeting for teachers which took place in Sri Lanka marks the start of a new phase for the class-oriented teachers’ trade union movement in the Asia continent.

The meeting took place on September 14th, 2018, with the presence of the WFTU General Secretary and two FISE vice-presidents, under the theme “The Resolutions of the FISE Congress that took place with great success in Mexico and the priorities for the trade unions in education”.

During the meeting, 35 elected delegates from Asia discussed the challenges that are faced by the teachers in the region and the role of the class trade union in the implementation of the Mexico resolutions in the Asian continent.

Concluding their meeting, in a decisive spirit, the delegates determined specific activities during the next year under 4 axis:

– Trade unions rights and freedoms for the teachers

– Free and public school education for everybody – fight against illiteracy

-The role of the militant teachers for a democratic, scientific and quality education system.

-Social security, dignified working conditions and salaries for the teachers.