The 9th of May, Day of Victory against the Fascism

 The 9th of May has been established as the day of Victory of Peoples against Fascism, during the World War II. At the same time, it is the day of Honor for the millions of the dead of the war. It is a remarkable date for world history, since it blocked the spread of Hitler-fascism in Europe and all around the world.

It is a day of honor for those who sacrificed themselves so that their children would grow up in a peaceful world, far away from fascism and Nazism. We honor all those who stood up against the ideology of hate that distorted the human kind. All those progressive people, who fought against the Hitler-fascism, from its very beginning. The communists took up the lead of the anti-fascist struggle, giving their lives, so that they would stop Nazism from expanding and ruling.

The peoples should remember. To start with the day of Victory against the Fascism, they should keep on fighting against anything that wants human to be a slave.

They should reveal the role of the European Union, that has established the 9th of May as the day of the European Spring, and under this pretext, they organize festivals in many schools all around Europe, so hat they erase from our memory the importance of the anti-fascist struggle. They try to spoil the historic reality, in order to deprive the next generation from anything relevant to class struggle and to force the teachers and the students to defend the anti-popular European policy.

We call the teachers to talk to the students about the 9th of May, the Day of Victory against the Fascism and to “inspire them to struggle, because the previous generations have fought intensely against fascism, against poverty and misery, against all those strategies that promote racism and injustice”.

Keeping in mind the bright example of the 9th of May, every single progressive teacher, in every single country in the world has to go along with those progressive forces for a better future. For a better world that won’t compromise with the imperialist order or with any fascist connotation.