Teachers union of PAME in the strike


strike 16 7 2013

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Multiform mobilizations are held across Greece in the previous days by the teachers, the workers in municipalities and the labor trade unions. On Tuesday July 16, 2013 a majestic pan-hellenic strike and demonstrations took place in 67 cities organized by PAME, which is a member of the WFTU.

The cause of the demonstrations and the strikes is the adoption of the new law under which 2,500 teachers and 4,500 workers in municipalities are dismissed. 46 specialties from the technical education are abolished and about 100 departments of vocational education will not work. Thus, 20,000 students from poor families will be forced to stop their studies because they will no longer be able to continue the public school and they can not afford to pay the private schools. Welfare services are also abolished; healthcare benefits are further reduced while the already increased taxes are further increased.

Teachers of PAME together with the labor trade unions-members of PAME struggle every day to inform parents, teachers, students and the other workers for the new antipopular measures taken by the government, which implements the guidelines proposed by the E.U., the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank.

The new measures are a part of the overall attack on workers and the poor peoples around the world. They are measures that benefit the capital and aggravate the lives of the working class worldwide, at all levels. Facing this attack against teachers and students of our country, we multiply our organized interventions through the trade unions, through PAME, which is a member of the WFTU, to defend the free, public education for all, the work with rights and to strengthen our militant line against the policy of monopolies and capitalists.

Athens, Greece – July 17th, 2013

The Secretariat OF Teachers