Teacher mobilizations in HUNGARY: Solidarity with the teachers of Hungary


Teacher mobilizations in HUNGARY

Solidarity with the teachers of Hungary

The World Federation of Teachers Trade Union, FISE, an affiliated member of WFTU welcomes the ongoing strikes of secondary education teachers in Hungary.

The demands of their mobilizations are for wage increases and better working conditions. On their side, school students held sit-ins in Budapest, while professors and university students expressed their support.

FISE also denounces the government’s attempt to intimidate the strikers, and especially the Greeks participating in the demonstrations, by sending them threatening letters.

The teachers’ response that they will continue their struggle against starvation wages, against inhumane working hours and the general degradation and commercialisation of required education is the response given by unions around the world who are in conflict with the governments and the capital who see the needs and life of the working class as a source of exploitation to increase the wealth of the capitalists.

FISE stands by the teachers of Hungary and calls on the teachers around the world to continue their struggles for public free education and teachers’ rights.