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Teachers in Norway still on strike

UNITE_NorwayThe teachers in Norway are on strike since August 11th, 2014 in Norway, after the collapse of negotiations between the government and the teachers’ union.
Teachers keep resisting government efforts to increase the working hours to 7.5 hours per day and 37.5 hours per week.
The increase of  teachers’ working hours is another attempt of capitalist countries to overturn the   labor rights.
The media talk about  lost teaching hours during the  strike of teachers while leaving untouched by comments  the government of the country.

Argentinian teachers on 48 hour strike

Arg2 Teachers in Argentina began their 48 hour strike on Monday. It is a nationwide protest that includes teachers  from five provinces in order to draw the attention of government to the crisis in education. The salaries are not keeping up with the rampant inflation and schools infrastructure is significantly deteriorating. Two months ago the teachers held a demonstration to demand better conditions in schools, because some of them lack basic conditions, like water supply. The police then savagely beat the teachers and arrested the union leader.

Soudan: Basic and secondary schools teachers’ open-ended strike in South Darfur



Basic and secondary school teachers have started on an open-ended strike on Sunday, in South Darfur, Soudan, after the invitation of the South Darfur State’s Employees Union.

The teachers claim the salaries that haven’t been paid to them since 2007, which was the reason why the state owes 13.100 per person.


Solidarity messages to the teachers of Paraguay, who are to go on strike on March 26th.

Solidarity messages to the teachers of Paraguay, who are to go on strike on March 26th.

The Secretary of FISE (WORLD FEDERATION OF TEACHERS’ UNIONS) expresses its solidarity to the teachers of Paraguay, who are to go on strike on March 26th. In the country, where more than 1/3 of the population live below the poverty threshold, the government is about to start privatizations and partnerships of the public and the private sector, which may lead to the repossession of all the public services by private companies.

The teachers demand to put an end to the class-oriented policy of the privatizations; they demand 25% salary raise, as well as a reduction of the cost of living. In alliance with other social groups, that are beaten by the anti-popular policies, such as the university students, the poor farmers and the indigenous communities, the teachers steadily support the demands of poor farmers for agricultural reforms, as well as the students’ struggle against the high public transport fees.

Last year, the teachers, going on strikes, hunger strikes and barricades, were claiming for weeks decent salaries and pensions, which, during that period, were 385 and 185 dollars per month.

We support your struggles.
The Secretary of FISE

Teachers’ strikes in Greece


                       Teachers’ strikes in Greece

 Civil servants and teachers in Greece keep on with their strikes. This is the second week of actions of protest and the forces of PAME seem determined to ramp up the struggle. They are on a strike against the government’s anti-popular policy, which includes mainly dismissals and suspensions in the public sector. Continue reading


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In 2011-2012 financial year, Teachers demanded for 100% salary increament through the Umbrella organisation UNATU.Through negotiations, the Government of the republic of Uganda accepted to give them( Teachers) 50% salary increament in three instalments whereby 15% was given in that financial year (2011-2012) making a teacher’s salary rise to 270,000 uganda shillings equivalent to 103.8 USdollars per month and the Government agreed to to offer 20% in the next financial year 2012-2013. Continue reading