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FISE present at the 1st First National Women Conference of CONEP, Nepal

3/6/2014 Nepal

The First National Women Conference of CONEP, Nepal, was held in Kathmandu , Nepal on March 6-8, 2014. WFTU was represented by cde Chrysoula Lampoudi, WFTU Women Secretariat Executive, Vice President of the FISE, teacher trade unionist and president of teacher’s union in Athens.

On behalf of the WFTU, cde Chrysoula Lampoudi delivered the following speech:

“On behalf of the WFTU, on behalf of the FISE, I salute each and every one of you here today, warmly and militantly. Saluting you, we also salute the women of Nepal, the working class of Nepal.

WP_20140306_005The 8th of March is marked with blood and the struggles of women worldwide, for the rights to life, to equality, to education and employment, for the right to give birth and raise children in a society free from the exploitation of man by man.

The problems faced by women are not the same in all countries and they certainly differ in quantity and difficulties, but everywhere around the whole capitalist world women experience this double exploitation due to their dual role and due to the fact that inequality women face is firstly and foremost a class oriented issue. Continue reading