Action plan 2014



The conference which was organised by FISE and the WFTU in Brussels on 28-29 October on the subject “the role of the teachers in today’s school” decided the following: 

The attack against teachers, students and education in general is inextricably linked with the attack against the working class and the popular strata all over the world. In order to overcome the consequences of the capitalist crisis , a crisis which is bred by the capitalist system itself, capital is intensifying its assault, abolishing rights and gains, closing schools, dismissing teachers, reducing salaries, increasing intimidation and investing huge funds in the propaganda concerning the new school that serves the needs of the market and the monopolies.  Continue reading

Resolutions of the conference in Brussels, on October 28-29


the role of teachersIn the two-day conference organized by the FISE and PAME on October 28-29, in Brussels the following resolutions were approved:

 1. Solidarity with the 5 Cuban patriots

The 5 Cuban patriots, who were arrested in America trying to prevent provocations and attacks of the imperialists against their homeland, are still in U.S. prisons for years now.

Cuba has received hundreds of evident and hidden attacks and is experiencing bad consequences from the embargo imposed by the American government, because of the will of the Cuban people to live freely in their country and become the masters of the wealth they produce.

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The role of the progressive teacher

World Teachers’ Day

The role of the progressive teacher

Fellow teachers 

In conditions of global capitalist crisis, with acute problems of the working class, with increased problems of the poor peoples, of the peoples who shed their blood by the imperialist wars, the teachers must stand up as educators, scientists and pioneer militants.

The differences exist from country to country and from continent to continent can not justify inactivity to any teacher. We must all give our best to teach the historic and scientific truth, the lesson of the right of the peoples, of the poor and downtrodden, even when the educational system wants to muzzle us, when the directives of the imperialist organizations intervene in the analytical programs and in the content of education so that it will be adapted to their interests. Even when the reformist trade unions talk about development opportunities for the teachers through anti-educational and anti-scientific programs, in conditions of fierce competitiveness and commercialization of education the teachers are obliged to indiscipline and obey the interests of their class. They must not teach the lies planned by imperialism, aiming at passing them in the pure minds of the pupils.  Continue reading