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Solidarity message to teachers’ unions of PAME

Solidarity message to teachers’ unions of PAME

FISE condemns the attack of the repression forces against teachers and civil servants in Athens, Greece.
The demonstrators were protesting against the measure of availability and the dismissals of the employees in education and in the public sector.
The government of Greece and the EU, using the availability and the dismissals of the employees, intend to abolish the permanent and stable work, to replace it with 5-months programs, as well as to offer the crucial sector of the economy to the big business interests.
FISE supports the struggle of workers for their right to permanent and stable work. The direct confrontation and the assurance of the right to permanent and stable work for all the employees, that are in availability and under the threat of the dismissal is a matter for all the class-oriented trade union movement to deal with.
We invite the unions of FISE to condemn the attacks and to support the teachers and the civil servants in Greece, sending an email to FISE or to PAME.

The Secretary

FISE with the Greeks teachers against the program «teachers4europe»



The secretary of FISE expresses its opposition to the educational program of the E.U., which takes place in Greece, entitled “teachers for Europe”. The main purpose of this program is the submission of the teachers to the policies of the E.U. and to the service of the interests of the multinational companies and of the monopolies. Through these programs, they attempt to corrupt the conscience of young students and to promote the image of the school-company, of the student-client and of the commercialized education.     Continue reading

Teachers’ strikes in Greece


                       Teachers’ strikes in Greece

 Civil servants and teachers in Greece keep on with their strikes. This is the second week of actions of protest and the forces of PAME seem determined to ramp up the struggle. They are on a strike against the government’s anti-popular policy, which includes mainly dismissals and suspensions in the public sector. Continue reading

Solidarity with Greek people

   Usb Italy express the strongest  solidarity to the Greek people, to Pame and WFTU for  Pavlos Fyssas  criminal murder  last 17 th on September.
  He was younger antifascist  who carried trough his music a strong  message to the  young people and all Greek people against Alba Dorata nazi criminal squads .
  Alba Dorata  can act scot-free  because of forces security and judiciary accomplice .
The governments  that in these years were Troika  instruments , in this way, oriented popular discontent, generated by Troika  orders of social massacre, towards extreme Continue reading



Hundreds of thousands of children without access to basic goods. According to the survey conducted for Unicef by the Faculty of Primary Education of the University of Athens:

•in 2011 69.000 children lived in abject misery, that is, in families where there is poverty, severe material deprivation and low work intensity.The corresponding figure in 2010 was 12,000 children. Within a year, not only has the number multiplied almost seven times, Continue reading