Struggle against the privatizations in Mexico


Mexico photoIndependent trade unions and organizations have proceeded in massive mobilizations in several cities in Mexico, reacting to the anti constitutional reform about the energy policy, that paves the way to the privatizations of the oil production units of the country, which was deposed last year, after the President’s Enrique Pena Neto proposal.

The workers and the teachers that participated in the rallies in Oaxaca, Chiapas and Michoacan states and elsewhere expressed their fear that the implementation of this reactionary cadre  is going to lead to spending cuts in the public sector, resulting in employees’ dismissals in the energy sector, as well as to the deterioration of the energy infrastructure of the country.

The teachers’ action in Mexico to support the mobilizations against the privatizations is a great example for all the trade unions and indicates the need and the importance to struggle, to create workers’ fronts from different sectors against the common problems. Against the delivery of the resources and the means of production to the hands and the control of the multinational companies.

FISE photo