Stop the criminalization of students’ struggle!


The World Federation of Teachers Unions, FISE, a member of the WFTU, condemns the adduction to the police of 14 students who attend night schools in the city of Lamia, Greece. The struggle of the students of secondary education has begun to provide them free books, to improve infrastructures in their school and also to improve their educational level.  Police carried out a night raid and arrested the students who were at that time in their schools, safeguarding their struggle. Along with them they have arrested one of parents who was supporting the just struggle of the students.

The FISE denounces the Government of Greece, which not only tries to convince Greeks that there are no problems in the schools, but also uses the authoritarianism and terrorism to avoid students from fighting.

We call the unions of teachers, the teachers, the unions of workers to condemn these actions, to denounce the criminalization of the organized fight.

To safeguard the organized struggle of students around the world.

To strengthen the front of pupils, students and workers for an education worthy of our class.