Sri Lanka: September 21st strike

Dear comrades

Today the 21st of September here in Sri Lanka we had a joint strike in education and health sectors.
This was against the privertisation of health and education.
The main slogan is to Abolish SAITM (Sauth Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine). SAITM is a private medical college which is established ilegally in 2009 and yet to get the approval of the Sri Lanka Medical Council. And last week General Medical Council of England blacklisted the SAITM.
There’s a long struggle  by Medical students and other university students , government doctors , trade unions ,political parties and other mass organizations demanding to abolish it.
There were lots of strikes by doctors and lots of joint demonstrations but the government is still failed to give a solution.
Today’s strike was very much successful and lots of schools were almost closed. More than 60% of teachers joined with the action.
The stiking unions urged to continue the struggle untill the government abolish the SAITM.