Sri Lanka

Dear fellow militants,
The Secretariat of FISE was informed about the decision of the government of Sri Lanka to use military officers as teachers in some schools of the country.
FISE defends the rights of teachers and students. FISE struggles so that free education will be provided to all the students worldwide, with teachers who have the necessary qualifications and certificates of pedagogical and scientific sufficiency.

The workers in the military have other responsibility; other duties and they are not identified with the duties of teachers.
The government of Sri Lanka must allocate funds for the training of teachers and students.
We join our voice with the teachers and the working class of your country and we struggle for free education for all.
We call upon the organizations of teachers members of FISE to express their solidarity with you and to strengthen the struggle for free education that will meet the needs of the children of the working class and of all the people in all continents.