Demonstrations against cuts in Education

Thousands of students and teachers demonstrated in Madrid, denounce the plans of the government about cuts in public Education. Students put an end in their three-day demonstrations with a massive protest, as an answer to the austerity policy, applied by Mariano Rahoi ’s government on the pretext of the aims of the EU about the country ’s economy and the transfer of the cost of the crisis of the capital to the people, which has a knock-on-effect to the sector of Education and goes with cuts of social-security benefits, of salaries, pensions, as well as with burgeoning unemployment, that goes up to 26%.

Many regions, like Madrid, have already had cuts in Education, resulting in severe reactions of the teaching community. The authority of Madrid has already taken measures, such as augmentation of the working hours of the teachers, as well as reduction of the expert personnel in schools, degrading the quality of education, having this particular model spreading over the whole country, at the same time when the trade unions denounce that, at least, 13.000 part-time teachers have got fired.
The Secretary of FISE supports the initiatives of struggle of teachers, students and parents in Spain and all around the world.
There is need for coordination and organization, in every country, among trade unions, which struggle in a class-oriented direction.
There is need for a common path with the World Federation of Trade Unions(WFTU), which has chosen the line of resistance against the system, that gives birth to the problems in Education, teachers and the working class as a whole.