Solidarity with the teachers in YEMEN


Solidarity with the teachers in YEMEN

More than 160,000 teachers in Yemen are on strike demanding payment of their wages that have not been received since October 2016.  In some areas, the participation rate exceeds 90% with demands for payment of the accrued wages but also the increase of their so low wages.

At the same time, the civil servants of the country remain without receiving their salaries.

To teacher’s just demands, the Government responds with strikebreaker’s mechanism, requesting non-skilled volunteers to replace teachers on strike.

Teachers’ strike is a direct result of the violent invasion of Saudi Arabia in Yemen over the past two years. Conflicts do not show any signs of recession, while the humanitarian disaster is about to become the worst famine in the world.

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, FISE, member of the World Federation of Trade Unions, WFTU, is supporting the strike of teachers in Yemen, as well as the mobilization of students and civil servants.

FISE is denouncing the Government for not paying the salaries of the teachers, but also for its attempt to break the strike by hiring «volunteers».

At the same time, FISE, calls on teachers’ unions to express their solidarity with the strikers, teachers of Yemen, and send messages to the following emails: /