Solidarity with the students in Chile

chileThe World Federation of Teachers Unions F.I.S.E , a member of The World Federation of Trade Unions, expresses its support to the fighting students of Chile, and denounces the suppression of the Bachelet Government of Chile against the struggle of the students.
The fighting students claim free public education against the plans of the Bachelet socialdemocratic government, who promotes a commercialized Education in Chile, in which the laws from the time of the dictatorship of Pinochet will still be in force.
The demands and the struggles of the students is an issue of the working class. A working class that must have full access and use of science and of free public education. The fight for an education, which covers all the contemporary needs of the working class against the commercialization and the capitalist competitiveness in the universities and schools, is an issus that concerns all of us 
The World Federation of Teachers Unions F.I.S.E supports the struggles of the students in Chile.