Solidarity with the People and the Workers of Mexico

The World Federation of Teachers’ Unions of WFTU, expresses its support and solidarity with the workers and the people of Mexico, who face the consequences of the killing earthquake that stroke a few hours ago.

The death of hundreds of people proves once more the danger of non-existing earthquake safety measures and safety checks in public buildings, work places and popular neighborhoods. The tragedy unfolding in Mexico is an alarm also for the workers of Greece who witness a series of vital services (earthquake safety measures, forest protection, health and safety regulations and control in the work places, etc) are being sacrificed for the profits of the business groups. The earthquakes are natural phenomena, but once again is proved that their consequences are premeditated crimes against the workers and peoples.

FISE expresses its solidarity to the trade union organizations of Mexico and we ask you to convey our condolences to the families of the victims. During these difficult times we stand by your side.

Athens, September 21, 2017