Solidarity with the Greek farmers

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Solidarity with the Greek Farmers

The World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, member of the WFTU sends a message of solidarity and warm militant greetings to the farmers struggling in Greece and who have decided through their militant initiatives to demonstrate in Athens against the government proposal about the social insurance program!

The government of SYRIZA ANEL, having the support of the political parties which agree with the EU’s policy, endorses hard fiscal and anti-insurance measures which the Greek workers and farmers call the measures “guillotine”.

The farmers’ struggle is a struggle against the policy that strengthens the capital and the monopolies.

The EU, the government and the large capital are trying to impose on the workers and farmers to work until old age, with symbolic pensions, with minimum services in health, welfare and professional protection.

We support the struggle of farmers, we unite the voice of teachers of FISE with the voice of farmers and workers struggling “Not to pass the law – guillotine.”