Solidarity with Greek people

   Usb Italy express the strongest  solidarity to the Greek people, to Pame and WFTU for  Pavlos Fyssas  criminal murder  last 17 th on September.
  He was younger antifascist  who carried trough his music a strong  message to the  young people and all Greek people against Alba Dorata nazi criminal squads .
  Alba Dorata  can act scot-free  because of forces security and judiciary accomplice .
The governments  that in these years were Troika  instruments , in this way, oriented popular discontent, generated by Troika  orders of social massacre, towards extreme right.
  In the same times Greek Governments hit edge-ways the workers wages and rights, the public health,   the education , social benefit; they cancelled thousand and thousand work places and they done sacks dismissals. In this way they  forced all the Greek people in the terrible life conditions.
 Fight against all this  is the only way for beat newborn fascism and  build a prospect for Greek people and all Europe people .
Roma  23rd on September 2013                                                                 Confederazione USB