Solidarity to the teachers in Hyderabad, Pakistan

July 19, 2019

Solidarity to the teachers in Hyderabad, Pakistan

We say no to the shut-down of 27 schools in the secondary education. The 935 head teachers are not to be sacked.

THe World Feseration of Teachers FISE, member of WFTU, supports the request of the 900 temporary head teachers for them to remain in their positions and to cover the available permanent positions that exist. The said head teachers were hired two years ago, after being tested by the IBA Sukkur University.

FISE codemns the decision of the county gonverment in Hyderabad, Pakistan to go forward with new hirings for the same positions, this time with the tests being held by the public administration.

We condemn the decision to shut down 37 schools in the secondary education and to turn them into colleges. 22 of the said schools are in the Hyderabad section, 10 in the Mirpurkhas section, 3 in Karatsi and 1 is in the Sukkur Benazirabad section.

We support the pubic education, free of any costs.

Permanent, fixed working positions with full rights.

The potential for advancement in the hierarchy, according to the substantial qualifications as set by the teachers’syndicates.