Solidarity to the rightful struggle of the Teachers in Cyprus

27th August 2018

Solidarity to the rightful struggle of the Teachers in Cyprus!

The World Federation of Teachers Union FISE, member of PSO, sends its salute to the struggling teachers in Cyprus, who are taking action.

The government of Cyprus announced in the first days of July 2018 measures against education, which it defines as “rationalisation” of Education!!

To be specific, the Anastasiadis’ cabinet reinforces the increase of the working hours of teachers. It decreases the necessary hiring for the following school year to half. The extracurricular activities (such us excursions, cultural events etc) are being limited and the school becomes therefore more and more a exam center!!

Meanwhile, it is being attempted to strike down the teachers’ movement by cutting down syndicalist leave, thereby making it for the teachers’ federation and for the educational syndicalist movement more difficult to take action.

These measures strike severely the right of the working class’ children to education.

FISE expresses its solidarity to the struggling teachers in Cyprus!

The teachers’ struggles all over the world is common for all of us and for the working class.

It is a struggle against governments who strike us down, against the capital and its representatives!