Solidarity to the people of Turkey and Syria!


Solidarity to the people of Turkey and Syria!

Dear colleagues

With pain we watch the biblical disaster from the terrible earthquake, which happened on February 6, with the thousands of dead people in Turkey and  in Syria after the successive strong earthquakes and the buildings collapsing one after the other! Tens of thousands are also injured and homeless in cold weather conditions.

The World Federation of Teachers Union, an affiliated member of WFTU, expresses its solidarity with the people of Turkey and the people of Syria, who continue to experience the long-term intervention of the imperialists and the murderous embargo, which is still on even now with the tragedy of the devastating earthquake. The people of Syria need immediate humanitarian aid, basic goods, medicines, etc., but the USA-NATO-EU continue the murderous embargo against an entire people, which is fighting for survival with thousands of dead people from the earthquake. We demand that all obstacles to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Syria be removed. Stop the Murderous Embargo now!

FISE’s member unions and teachers around the world must take the lead and organize forms of solidarity with the people of Turkey and Syria who are experiencing for one more time another terrible tragedy.

We are always on the side of the peoples who are being tested, we show our solidarity in practice! 

Colleagues, we must move quickly, the earthquake victims of Turkey and Syria now need us.