Solidarity message with the teachers of Philippines

Solidarity message with the teachers of Philippines

November 10, 2013

 FISE expresses its support to the people of Philippines that have been affected by the strong Haiyan hurricane, leaving behind more than 10.000 dead and 2.000 missing people, ruined houses and streets, as well as survivors seeking desperately for food and help.

Once again, the poor peoples are affected by intense weather conditions that would certainly had less fierce consequences for them, if the science and the technology would serve the human life by building safe houses, rather than the profits of the monopolies.

 The destruction is leaving behind thousands of students with no food, no family, no home and no schools. The struggle of our unions for safe schools and homes must continue. We must strengthen our demand for research run by universities serving the needs of our class and not the needs of NATO or of the multinational companies. Many young scientists belong to our class and it is our obligation to help them stand by our side.

 FISE calls upon all the teachers’ unions to express their solidarity with the teachers, students and parents in Philippines in practice.

We call them to gather a financial help, even a small one, to be distributed to the unions of Philippines by the FISE and the WFTU.

The solidarity is a weapon in the hands of the working class and we are going to continue taking advantage of it.

 The Secretariat

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