Solidarity message: We support the struggles of PAME, We reject the new memorandum


We support the struggles of PAME 

We reject the new memorandum










FISE the World Federation of Teachers’ Unions affiliated to WFTU welcomes the struggle of PAME against the new anti-people anti-labor agreement for the third memorandum was decided at the Euro Summit, proving once again that the European Union is an alliance of caring for the salvation of the capitalists taking tough measures for the people of Greece and having an impact on the working class throughout the world.

The European Union and the political parties that support it are detrimental to the interests of all peoples.

We invite teachers of Greece to participate in fighting demonstrations of PAME.

The working class of Greece not to approve the new agreement. With its struggle to say

No to the new barbaric third Memorandum. No to the new brutal measures. 

Accept our militant greetings

Continue the struggle of all of us


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