Solidarity Message to Turkish people

Solidarity Message                                                                               

FISE sends a solidarity and support message to the Turkish people, that fight every single day and condemns the extreme violence of the Turkish government against the demonstrators in park Gezi.

The demonstrators’ protest against the building construction in this park(Gezi) has been transformed into a
political struggle, the moment that the government attacked them, on Friday 31/5/2013 and injured more than 500 civilians. The bloodstained attacks of the next few hours and days resulted in dead demonstrators, increase of the number of the injured and dozens of arrests.

We call the teachers’ unions to express their solidarity to the Turkish people. To condemn the governmental attacks, as well as the obstruction of the freedom of expression and protest.

We call teachers from all over the world to become examples of combativity and claim of the rights of the working class and to keep on teaching the next generation, lessons of justice and truth.