Solidarity message to the militant teachers of Peru

The World Federation of Teachers Union-FISE, member of the WFTU, sends a message of solidarity to the militant teachers of Primary and Secondary education of Peru who, for over 50 days, continue their strike, despite the threats made by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s reactionary government. The Peruvian government threatens teachers with mass layoffs, unless they return to their posts and begin this week’s programmed-by the government-classes.

Teachers demand a raise in the country’s Education budget, a raise in their salary, an improvement of their insurance system, an improvement in facilities and education conditions. Finally, teachers demand the abolition of the anti-educational law, which connects the teacher’s appraisal along with their activity within the labour movement and, in general, their political action, thus attempting to create totally manipulated government employees.

The World Federation of Teachers Union-FISE, expresses its solidarity to the struggle of Peruvian teachers.