Solidarity campaign for Palestinian children

Solidarity campaign for Palestinian children 

Palestine bookTeachers of PAME, participating in a very important initiative, organize solidarity campaign for Palestinian children collecting money, notebooks and general stationery. With poster crafted with Guernica of Picasso in the background and the shocking pictures of a girl looking at the ruins of the house of books and notebooks and a notice, PAME spreads her campaign in the schools of our country. Aimed at teachers and students with the following announcement:

“Colleague, female counterparts, student, schoolgirl,

Remember a few days ago the picture with the little girl after the bombing of her house looking in  the ruins to find her books? What can we say?

A picture is worth a thousand words! 

The inhumanity, brutality, imperialist atrocities are endless! So far 565 students have died, at least 3000 were injured and 277 schools were destroyed. Israel – European Union – NATO are slaughtering the people of Palestine.

The Greek government is on the side of the murderous government of Israel. Signing  along the military cooperation agreements, makes them  complicits.

Only global solidarity of the people can stop the murderous hands of the imperialists.

One for all and all for one!

Solidarity now with the struggle of the people.

We now urge all teachers, students, to transform every school, every neighborhood in base of solidarity for the children and the people of Palestine.

We invite all educators, associations and ELME to respond to this solidarity campaign, initiated by  WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions), the FISE (world Federation of Teachers Union), in cooperation with the General Union of Palestinian Workers.

We collect notebooks, pencils, erasers, stationery etc, in every school, in offices of ELME and send  them to the General Union of Palestinian Workers (delivery address Omiridou Skylitsi 19, PC 18531, Piraeus Labour Centre, with the words “For the General Union of Palestinian Workers” phone numbers 6977.934.674 – 6979.928.697). Delegation of the organizing committee for solidarity campaign will go to Palestine to deliver the donations.

We talk to our students about the real causes of the unjust war against the people of Palestine, for the just struggle of the Palestinians to have a homeland, against the occupation and invasion of Israel, the right of people to struggle with all means against oppressors.

We organize exhibitions, concerts, performances and other protest actions.

We collect the money and deposit in the account solidarity 120-002101-207975 (Alpha Bank).

The imperialists are dividing the Earth and are marking the borders with peoples’ blood

The war clouds keep thickening  dangerously  in our neighborhood. Monopolies, in order to overcome the crisis and to save profits, do not hesitate to massacre people. Always the same  old and proven tactic . Today in Palestine, Ukraine, Iraq, yesterday in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, etc. Tomorrow? Always the same enemy!
Unity  now against the monopolies , the imperialist NATO and EU that keep slaughtering  peoples.
Lets  stand up to them!

Take  position!

No subordination to imperialism, the peoples  have the power ! ”