Solidarity Campaign: “A notebook for the children of Palestine”. PRESS RELEASE

The W.F.T.U. (World Federation of Trade Unions) the F.I.S.E. (World Federation of Teachers’ Unions) and the General Union of Palestinian Workers welcome all the Associations of Primary Education, the Teachers’ Unions of Secondary Education, the Teachers’ Unions of Private Education, as well as the dozens of massive organizations, that participate in the initiative “A notebook for the children of Palestine” and invite them to participate in the press conference on Friday, the 17th of October at 18.30, when we are going to deliver the first part of the aide, which was gathered by the unions.
Palestine Girl




The press conference is going to be held at the ship-repair yard of Perama, where from 10 to 19 October 2014, the visual arts and photography exhibition entitled “Man, Colour and Iron 8” is going to take place for the 8th consecutive year. On the last day of the exhibition, we are going to carry through a great solidarity concert for the Palestinian People.

Up till now, those who take part in the initiative are the Teachers’ Associations of Primary Education of Achaia, Peristeri, Nea Ionia-Metamorfosi-Likovrisi “G.Seferis”, of Patissia-Metaxourgeio-Sepolia “Aristotle” , of Palaio Faliro, of Ilioupolis, of Keratsini-Perama “Nikos Ploumpidis”, of Kaisariani-Byronas-Pagrati “Roza Imvrioti”, of Menidi “Socrates”, of Petroupoli-Kamatero-Ilion “Dimitris Glinos”, of Amarousion, of Kavala, of Chania, Heraklion in Crete “Dominick Theotokopoulos”, of Messolonghi “Kostis Palamas”, of Lemnos, of Thesprotia, of Syros-Tinos-Mykonos, of Larissa, of Agioi Anargiroi, of Egaleo, of Chalcis, of Fthiotida, of Thebes “Alexander Delmouzos”, of Siteia “Myson”.
The Teachers’ Unions of Secondary Education of Piraeus, of Preveza, of Heraklion, Crete, the Unions A, B, C, D, and E of Thessaloniki, of Cephalonia , of Zakynthos, the B of Dodecanese, of Euboea, Thesprotia, Arcadia, of Chalkidiki, of Imathia, of Larissa, of Corfu, the Union A of Etoloacarnania, the B of Etoloacarnania, of Fokida, of Boeotia, the C of Athens, the D of East Athens, the E of East Athens, the A of West Athens, the A of Achaia, of Lakonia, of Lemnos, of Fthiotida.

The Trade Unions of Employees in Private Education of Attica, and of Chania.
We invite teachers, employees, parents and students to attend the press conference and to contribute to the gathering of stationary for the students of Palestine. In the exhibition hall, there will be a specifically designed operating areas for that purpose.

The organisers
(World Federation of Trade Unions)
(World Federation of Teachers’ Union)
General Union of Palestinian Workers