Salute of Amiya Kumar Mohanty, President of the World Federation of Teachers Union FISE, on the occasion of the 150 years since the birth of Lenin.

Dear friends and comrades, Warm Greetings and Best wishes to all of you on the occasion of 150thBirth Day celebration of Lenin.The utterance of the name Lenin creates in all of us a sense of revolutionary fervour and optimism.A Great idealogu who provided a pragmatic methodology and implementation of Marxist philosophy.Chief architect of modern Russia,he charted out a path emulated by crores of toiling masses tortured by the spectacle of feudalism, colonialism and imperialist force.Lenin”s philosophy is still relevant in the contemporary world Contest and only panacia to save the mankind from the disaster.On behalf of World’s of Teachers Union FISE, I pay red salute to Lenin and hopes his eternal message will provide a piercing weapon  to fight against all the evils of capitalism and fulfill our dreams of a socialist state.Amiya Kumar Mohanty President World Federation of Teachers Union FISE