SADTU calls on the DBE to Stop Meddling in Schools Football

unnamedSADTU is calling on its members to boycott the Department of  Basic Education (DBE)’s call to work with the South African Football Association (SAFA) co-ordinators to a ensure a seamless school football programme. Football in schools has, for years, been run by the South African Schools Football Association (SASFA) which SADTU members played a critical role in its formation and operation.

The call by the DBE comes at a time when SASFA is engaged in a dispute with the SAFA and the matter is at the High Court for adjudication, therefore this instruction amounts to contempt of court as it undermines the processes that are underway to resolve the dispute.

SASFA officials feel undermined by DBE’s decision because there has been no consultation and the matter was deferred at the recent sports conference convened by the DBE respecting the court processes.

SADTU views DBE’s conduct as an attempt to crush everyone and everything associated with the Union. This is totally unnecessary when the country is faced with dismal performance because the teachers are so demoralized and dehumanized by the unbearable conditions and the treatment by the DBE.

The Union calls upon the DBE to show decorum and civility in its utterances on national issues. We will not accept such careless and divisive statements from them.  Ours is to see strengthened sports activities in schools for a better country. The DBE is hell-bent in promoting divisions which defeats the very purpose of sports – to promote unity.

SAFA cannot impose its will against members of SADTU and all teachers who have been running football and all of a sudden demand that schools register by paying R800.00. Education is a right and sport is an extra-curricular activity which cannot be divorced from education.

We urge the DBE to allow the status quo to prevail until the finalisation of the court processes.

SASFA must be supported by all teachers to avoid schools football from collapsing.

Issued by:  SADTU Secretariat