Respect to the life and the rights of the employees of Donetsk (Ukraine)

 Respect to the life and the rights of the employees of Donetsk (Ukraine)

Donentsk Dear colleagues

We are following with anguish the developments in your country.

The everyday attacks of the Ukrainian troops against the civilian population and the destructions of the building infrastructure and the industrial establishments.

The 5.000 people who were killed and the millions of people who were mutilated during this war is not an accident, but another tragedy of the imperial policy.

The Ukrainian armed forces that keep on destroying the infrastructure of Donbass on purpose, demolishing enterprises, schools, nursery schools and hospitals are sending a dangerous threatening message of razing every people who resists and does not submit to the interests of the governments that serve the capital to the ground.

The imperialists unscrupulously fuel wars worldwide, uprooting peoples, in order to serve the interests of the monopolies and the multinational companies. Using artificial arguments, that they allegedly strike terrorism or that they are helping the oppressed to live better, they are trying to cover up their murdering policy, to sow discord between the peoples who were living in peace  and to redistribute the Earth drenching it in blood.

The FISE, the World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, member of the WFTU, condemns the attacks against your people. We are defending the right for life and freedom of the workers in your city and in the world.

We are expressing our support and solidarity with the trade unions of Lugansk.

We are positively examining your quest for a visit to your country and, in coordination with the World Federation of Trade Unions we are going to try to strengthen the solidarity and the help to you.