RESOLUTIONS FISE International Teleconference October 6, 2021


FISE International Teleconference October 6, 2021

The teleconference of the World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, which took place on October 6, 2021 with participants from Mexico, Cuba, India, Mali, Morocco, Western Sahara, Nepal, Pakistan, Greece, Italy, Russia, France, the USA and Japan on the topic “Teachers unions’ days of struggles in times of the Pandemic”, on the occasion of the WFTU and FISE International Action Day and World teachers’ day covered the following issues:

The problems faced by teachers are similar in almost all countries, where workers are called to bear the burden of the crisis. Distant education due to lockdown periods downgraded the education.

Teachers and parents in all countries are systematically opposing turning schools into businesses. They oppose  the division of schools into categories. In Mexico, Greece, Pakistan and elsewhere the teachers face government threats and terrorism, fines and dismissals.

The problems in public and private schools are almost the same. Under the pretext of the pandemic, the privatization and commercialization of education, the cut of wages, the non-permanent jobs, the inequality and the exclusion are constantly increasing. Flexible forms of work, insecurity, poor wages often unpaid for months and the adaptation of education to the needs of the capitalist economy are widespread. Teachers in Sri Lanka, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Mali, Russia, and elsewhere are mobilizing. Teachers are being attacked with chemical and other weapons by the repression forces and justice is being used by many governments to arrest protesters and to characterize their strikes illegal.

The aim of these governments is to ban the functioning of the unions or to change their structure so that they can be transformed from class-oriented unions to unions consensual  with their policy.

There are shortages of teaching staff, infrastructure but also serious shortages of medical staff and health structures.


It is clear that we need to strengthen our unions, support each other, communicate and inform about our actions. To express solidarity with the struggling unions and with the workers and peoples who suffer from the aggression or indifference of their governments. Also with  those affected by wars, poverty, floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. To suggest new activities and initiatives for the future that will strengthen our action.

Facebook, whats app and messenger can not solve or cover the problem of our information and communication. We can take advantage of the emails and all scientific and secure means of communication as well.