RESOLUTIONS FISE International Meeting 2021

FISE International Meeting May 26, 2021

The Meeting of the World Federation of Teachers Union, FISE, which took place on May 26, 2021 on the topics of on Academic Freedom and Adjunct Professors with the participation of FISE leadership and militant educators from all over the world, adopted the following resolution:

Education is a social good necessary for the awakening of the working class.

The capitalist system uses education as a commodity and as a tool to increase its profitability, to strengthen and integrate its support mechanisms, to educate the new generation of the working class in the submission and acceptance of its demands.

It uses education, Universities, as branches of multinationals and it utilizes technology, scientific discoveries and historical truth at its convenience.

In these universities, the democratic freedoms and rights of teachers are a nail in the heart of the capitalist system and the governments that serve it.

The WFTU/FISE, an organic part of the World Federation of Trade Unions, since its foundation, has been fighting for a free, equal and contemporary education for the children of the working-class and for the full working, salary and social security rights of workers in education.

It struggles for the conquest of knowledge and science by the working class for the benefit of the working class. It defends the teaching of the historical and scientific truth; it defends the right of teachers to be working-class educators and not docile servants of commercial shops.

Our decision is to strengthen the struggle for academic freedom and democratic rights for workers and students. Because the universities that serve the needs and the rights of the working class, consider necessary the freedom of the teachers, with permanent work, with salaries and rights that cover their contemporary needs.

Terrorism, the persecution of pioneer teachers and trade unionists, the attempt to silence those who dare to defend the truth are against our interests.

We strengthen the struggle for education and teachers that serve our class.
We raise our voice
We strengthen the FISE
We strengthen the WFTU