Protest to the Embassy of Algeria in Athens

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A protest was submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Algeria in Athens, supporting the struggle of the Algerian Teachers for work with rights.
The resolution was submitted by representatives of WFTU, FISE and PAME.

To the Embassy of the Republic of Algeria
Mr Ambassador,
From the 27th of March 2016, has started the march of dignity of non-permanent teachers, from the town of Bédjaia in Algeria to reach Algiers, demanding their reinstatement.
The march has been prevented to move on and has repeatedly faced police attacks. More than a thousand teachers that initiated the march, are determined to continue and have the support of many unions and employees.
In the last few days they were restrained in Boudouaou town surrounded by police and with an explicit prohibition to come into contact with the citizens of the region.
On Monday 18/4 a massive police operation took place that forced the protesters to board on buses to various destinations.
We denounce the Algerian Government for not only disrespecting teachers right to demonstrate, but also ordering the police forces to attack and suppress a peaceful protest. The domination and terrorism cannot silence and inactivate the labor movement. Workers have the right to struggle for their rights and to choose the form of struggle they decide.
Against governments attack, employees have the weapon of organization and solidarity.
The World Federation of teachers FISE, a member of the WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions) that represents millions of teachers worldwide, after todays protest at the Algerian Embassy, expresses its solidarity with the struggle of teachers
• For work with rights
• For freedom and respect for union rights
With resolutions have also expressed their solidarity
International Sectoral Organizations of the WFTU
PAME (All workers militant front of Greece) as well as teachers’ Unions in Greece