PAME denounces the government of Italy as well as the other “neoliberal” and social-democratic governments of the EU about the fatal shipwreck, outside the Italian island Lampedusa. The coffin-ship transported economic refugees from Ghana, Somalia and Eritrea.

Those governments are the ones that bombard the peoples of Mid-East and of Africa, for the shake of the capital’s interests, forcing hundreds of thousands of people into immigration. These people abandon their homes and countries so that they can seek for “a better future” in the capitalist hell.

They engender, especially nowadays, the crocodile tears of the European Trade Unions  Confederation (ETUC), whose member is GSSE, about the problems economic refugees have to deal with, because of their support to the imperial operations of the EE countries.

The European labor aristocracy organize charity seminars for immigrants, on the one hand and support the anti-immigration policy of the EU, on the other. They do nothing, however, about the cruel exploitation of the uprooted people.

We invite the trade unions to denounce the EU and its policy against immigrants, who are murdered every day for the shake of the profits of the business interests.



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