PLF: World Day Against child Labour 12th June 2018

(PLF) National on the Fundamental Right of Child and the Role of Trade Unions on 12th June,2018 at Lahore

While addressing the National Seminar organized by Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) on the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour Haji Muhammad saeed arian Founder/Secretray General said that each Pakistani Child to exercise their Fundamental constitutional right to avail Free Education till 16 years of age, as described in article 25 A of the constitution of Pakistan  He said that in 2002 to focus attention on the Global extent of Child Labour and the action and Efforts needed to eliminate it. Each year on 12 June, the World Day brings together Governments, Employers and Workers organizations; from around the world to highlight the plight of Child Laborers’ and what can be done to help them .Mrs Atia Saleem Chairperson) said that Around the world, an estimated 100 million girls are involved in Child Labour.. For instance, girls often have to combine long hours of household chores with some form of economic activity outside the household presenting girls with a “double burden”. This can have a negative impact on any opportunity for school attendance and can present a physical danger to girls. Moreover, girls are all too often exposed to some of the worst forms of Child Labour, often in hidden work situations. Waheed Ahmad Ch Advocate Legal Advisor (PLF) said that  The ILO is the United Nations agency devoted to advancing opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity. for decent work, the ILO has worked Mr Mushtaq Ahmad Bajwa Vice Chairman  said that to promote social justice for everyone engaged in the world of work. Mr Sukhai Khan President Railway Workers Union CBA said that The Fundamental values of Freedom, Human Dignity, social justice, social security and equality are essential elements of sustainable economic and social development. In the current global economic and jobs crisis, these principles are even more relevant. Mr Freed Awan S,V ,President (PLF) said that  Today, the ILO brings together working women and men to reshape the world on the basis of its fundamental principles.Mrs Shumalia Sadiq Secretary Women WING (PLF) said that There are 8.52 million home-based workers are in the country, according to the official National Policy on Home-Based Workers. She  said Children in the Labour environment are in fact vulnerable to exploitation. Rana Muhammad Saleem General Secretary Railway Workers Union CBA  demanded to amend and align child employment acts or/and relevant laws with article 25-A of the Pakistani Constitution. He said that  ILO has worked to promote Social Justice for everyone engaged in the world of work In His message Mr Peter A Newn Founder/President (WAWO) Said that Various organizations working on protecting rights of children commemorated seminars, workshops, lecturers and walks  to raise awareness on rights of children. (WAWO) called for immediate action to allow and enable each Pakistani Child to exercise their Fundamental constitutional right to avail free education till 16 years of age, as described in article 25 A of the constitution of Pakistan. Mr Naeem Ibraheem President (PLF) Sindh said that No one Child  should be deprived of the Right of Free and compulsory Education  Mr Aziz ullha Khan President (PLF) Baluchistan said that The abolition of the 1991 Employment of Child Act with the passage of the amendment had left Children increasingly The question of Child Labour in the country has been debated again and again. But there is really no debate about it; Children should be at school and other means need to be found to help families who depend on their earnings to survive to manage We simply cannot justify the fact that 25 million children in the country are out of school, out of which 15 million are part of the Labour force. New legislation at the provincial level is needed as part of the devolution process. there has been no survey of Child Labour in Pakistan. Such a study is badly required to determine precisely how many children go out to work and in what circumstances

(Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian)

Founder/Secretary General

Pakistan Labour Federation) PLF)

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