PLF: message on the Auspicious occasion of 50th Anniversary of Pakistan Labour Federation

The children are the future of every nation, and well taken care of in developed countries, in Pakistan we are facing child Labour a very serious issue which is hurting the economy of Pakistan Every parent’s wish is for their child to be provided free education because it is the right of every child to experience their childhood to their fullest without having it prematurely cut short. Many families in Pakistan are forced to send their children to do Labour for their survival and unable to send their children to School. Children constitute 50 percent of Pakistan’s population but remain the most neglected segment of our society. Hence, it is not surprising that Child Labour is increasing day by day and as Trade Union representatives it is our duty to raise our voice about Child Rights. The (PLF) was the first to unveil its manifesto. And made promises about free and compulsory education for all, health, water and sanitation. A separate section was devoted to child rights, and it will be honor for (PLF) to providing free schools and regulating seminaries. In the health sector, and ensuring full coverage of the EPI (Extended Programme of Immunization), and raise the allocation for Education to five percent of GDP, and take measures against Child abuse, Child Labour, demotic violence and child marriages. We are a country with one of the largest young populations and a high birth rate of 1.43%. The resources are fast depleting with this fast growing population and jobless youth. High population growth rate, the frustration amongst youth is phenomenal and directly related causing scarcity of water and food, and malnutrition, while extensive unemployment of the youth leads to ‘have nots’ syndrome, increased crime rate and ultimately terrorism. We have one of the highest population growth rates the population time bomb is staring in our face as our resources will not and already do not match the requirements of the growing population. Long term measures are to improve the literacy rate and an inclusion of females in direct workforce, as that would allow them more control of decision pertaining to their fertility. Our unemployment rate is 6%. In that case, where will the ’10 million’ jobs the Government has promised come from when there is no direct investment in the country and entrepreneurs are not keen to invest given the time consuming legal system, and inefficiency of doing business in Pakistan. Setting up a factory alone requires minimum 21 approvals from 21 various departments. Pakistan has a low ranking of 147 (out of 190 countries), which is a non-starter for any investor and if this carries on not even a million jobs can be created. CPEC too has failed to create many jobs as Chinese companies prefer to employ their own people….

PLF 50th Anniversary