PAME Huge Demonstrations in Greece in Solidarity with Palestine

PAME Huge Demonstrations in Greece in Solidarity with Palestine

 The class unions of Greece held a series of demonstrations in many cities in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

In Athens a huge demonstration took place in front of the Parliament. In the demonstration spoke the Ambassador of Palestine Yussuf Dorkhom, who said “We thank PAME for the organisation of this huge rally, which sends a strong message to the world that Palestine is not alone”.

Main speaker was the member of PAME Secretariat and General Secretary of the National Federation of Construction workers, Valsamos Syrigos, who noted “We stand with Palestine. We stand with the weak,

Yes, we are with the Palestinians, always on the right side, with those wronged.

We denounce the murderer-state of Israel, which is committing the most despicable crimes, such as the bombing of the hospital with hundreds of dead and the UN school. It is the same government that attacks the very people of Israel, that persecutes anyone who resists, that sends young people to become meat for the cannons of its imperialist ambitions… History has one right side, with Palestine for freedom.

The Israeli people also are becoming victims of the aggression of the occupying state, as recent developments have confirmed. This harsh reality is being exposed by progressive voices within Israel itself…

Here today, we join our voices with the voices of all peoples and shout FREE PALESTINE. Stop now the massacre of civilians by the Israeli murdering state. No involvement of Greece, no support to the crime. Return now the Greek warship back from the war zone. NOW independent state of Palestine on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.


A huge demonstration followed, with a gigantic flag of Palestine in the front. The demonstration marched to the Embassy of the USA and then to Israel, were it was attacked by police without any provocation.





At the same time dozens of demonstrations were held in many Greece cities and more are planned for the next days





19.10.23 PAME Huge Demonstrations in Greece in Solidarity with Palestine