Pakistan: Teachers protest against privatisation of public schools

Teachers  protest against privatisation of public schools


Teachers Union  protest against the privatisation of government schools on Friday at the Charing Cross located on Mall Road Lahore.
The demonstration continued long into the night and teachers have refused to budge from their demands even after 15 hours since the protest started.
The Teachers Union  leader said that public schools are being handed over to private schools including Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)in the guise of poor performance.
According to details, the protest continued as hundreds of school teachers decided to stage a sit-in in front of the Punjab Assembly after talks with the provincial government remained unsuccessful.
The protesters spent the night outside the assembly and refused to end sit-in until their demands are met. Female teachers were also seen amongst the demonstrators, protesting against the government’s move.
The protesters said that it is a conspiracy to jeopardise the whole system of public education. The protesting teachers chanted slogans against the government.