Pakistan Teachers Federation: letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, advising to set up a commission for revising education system of Pakistan.


PTF 2317

Honourable Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif
Prime Minister of Pakistan
Prime Minister Secretariat
Red Zone, Islamabad.


Honourable Prime Minister

With due respect and honour, the Pakistan Teachers Federation representing Montessori, schools, colleges and universities teachers and having its affiliation with the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU/FISE) invite your kind attention to education policy, which is a highly neglected and never remained a priority for any government.

Education is a key to success for every nation. Existing scientific and technological development can only be attributed to education. Unfortunately Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rate and quality educations due to following factors.

  1. Amount of the GDP (less than 3%) has been allocated to the education sector. Consequently,
  2. Pakistan has the lowest literacy rate and poor quality education compared to neighbouring countries.
  3. The education system of Pakistan, apart from the government negligence, eroded because of multilingualism, inconsistency and experimentation of the education policies and its stratified nature.
  4. The system of government schooling does not respond satisfactorily to the needs of the society. 5.There are reservations upon the quality of teaching and learning in government schools from all quarters of the society.
  5. Teaching profession is considered the most underpaid, less lucrative and unattractive profession. 7.Education system of Pakistan is highly politicized.
  6. Teaching profession does not enjoy a great social status in the society. Teaching is considered the most underpaid and less attractive profession.
  7. Teachers are not aware of the new changes occurring in the society and around the world.
  8. Pure theoretical education curriculum.
  9. The system of education in Pakistan lacks a mechanism of coordination.

Pakistan is a signatory to MDGs and EFA goals. However it seems that it will not be able to achieve these international commitments because of financial management issues and constraints to achieve the MDGs and EFA goals.

The Pakistan Teachers Federation in the light of above is requested to kindly constitute a education commission to study and suggest government to revise the education system from theoretical to practical and modern education.