On the Strike of February 4 (Photos)


With today’s General National Strike the People have responded:
NO MORE! No more lies and illusions!
Take back the Butcher-Bill on Social Security!
We continue every day, every hour in the streets of struggle!

The Executive Secretariat of PAME welcomes the thousands of strikers all over Greece! In more than 70 cities, the forces of PAME demonstrated alongside with the poor farmers, the self-employed, women’s and students’ unions!
In Athens, an enormous demonstration, one of the biggest the last years, gave a massive response to the Government of SYRIZA. Valentin Pacho, deputy General Secretary of WFTU transferred the solidarity of the international class movement. The demonstrators stated with one voice:
We have the power! Without us nothing moves!
Today’s strike was special. It clearly demonstrated that without the working people nothing works. No factories, no farms, no shops, no ports, trains, transports. When the working people stop production, the country dies!
The great success of today’s strike, the massive strike rallies in every city, the militant blockades of the poor farmers all over Greece, the streets that flooded with people, reveal the abilities that exist today to block the new crime of the Government against Social Security, to move forward with new demands.
Today’s strike revealed the great weapon of the people: the alliance of workers, self-employed, poor farmers, women, and youth. The success of today’s general strike shows the force of the popular alliance against our exploiters, the monopolies, the capitalists, the EU and their governments.
PAME calls for more militant, more powerful struggle, with more advanced forms! We can stop this crime! Every day, in every workplace, branch, school, university, apprenticeship, neighborhood, everywhere! This is not the End! This is the beginning!
We multiply the mobilizations, the meetings, general assemblies inside the workplaces, with work stoppages and branch strikes! We call for escalation of the struggle! New Strike Response under advanced forms of struggle!
Photos at: https://plus.google.com/+PamehellasGr/photos
Athens, February 4, 2016