No tolerance to the admirers of Hitler

Athens, April 17, 2015

For The Trial Of The Leaders And The Members Of The Fascist Golden Dawn

 No tolerance to the admirers of Hitler

On Monday, April 20, takes place the trial of the leaders and the members of the fascist Golden Dawn.

PAME calls the workers, the people and the youth in massive condemnation and isolation of the Nazi criminal Golden Dawn. We call for vigilance and alertness.

We are not forgetting the criminal face of Golden Dawn: the murder of P.Fyssas in Keratsini, the murderous attack on trade unionists metalworkers, members and cadres of the Communist Party at Perama from the assault squads of Golden Dawn, or the dozens of attacks on immigrants, bread earners, workers and antifascists.

We are not forgetting that Golden Dawn is a weapon of the system, of the big capitalists, against the people and the popular movement, the long arm, the dog they use depending on their plans. Golden Dawn was organizing and performing criminal attackes against the trade union and popular movement. Its connections with parts of the state apparatus and especially law enforcement forces, interrelation with other Mafia criminal networks were revealed.

We are not forgetting that GD made outsourcing-slave trade companies and at the same time called the Parliament for tax exemptions and privileges to the shipowners and the industrialists.

We are not forgetting that it is a Nazi, fascist organization, a supporter of National-Socialism, racism, of the “superior race” of extreme nationalism, antisemitism and cultivates the hatred among people. It’s an expressor of vulgar anti-communism and hatred towards workers-peoples’ movement.

We are not forgetting that they are admirers of Hitler, the fascist regimes that bloodshed humanity, political descendants of the fascist Junta, of the cooperatives of the Nazi occupation forces.

Our country is full of martyrdom sites, of holocausts by the Nazi fascist brutality. The workers, the youth should not allow for Nazism to be presented as “one more ideology” and the Golden Dawn as “one more parliamentary party”. We condemn those who try to silence the highlighting of the political side of the trial, those who protect GD. The Golden Dawn is criminal organization because it is Nazist!

Declassifying GD as a Nazi criminal organization is what the system wants, so as to protect its Nazi fascist creation.

The workers and the people, we raise a wall against those who seek the equation of Nazi criminal activity with the struggle of the trade union-popular movement, the equation of fascism with communism, which is also based to European Union guidelines.

Not long ago we heard the voices of certain political party representatives, of journalists and others, that a “more serious GD” could play a role in the reform of the political scene. These theories led to repressive measures taken against workers’ strugglesin all sectors, like in tourism, in sailors, in the steelworkers, in farmers’ protests and elsewhere, while the GD unleashed criminal attacks against immigrant and Greek workers, untouched by state organs. Today several others, among them top government officials, push for the same goal, presenting Golden Dawn as just a parliamentary party! The system that creates fascism, can not fight him!

What can isolate and break Golden Dawn definitely and finally is the mass struggle of the people and the youth against the system.

Pame sfragida