Los Angeles:Teachers in the second largest school district in LA came to rupture with managers seeking higher wages, a raise of  8.50%, smaller number  of students in classrooms ,  wage and career developments.

Negotiations for contracts have been frozen for more than 6 months. The head of the union is  planning  a rally and intend to take this further  even  striking  if necessary.

They will not back down if they  do not see improvement in the matter of contracts, restore various issues  after the recession and everything else that the  pupils and their families are going thrue.


  Amsterdam: February 2015Student  takeover  against authoritarian and neo-liberal administration are still going on. The movement began 12 days ago and is the strongest struggle  that the country has seen  in the  recent years. Students  oppose  a reorganization decision which provides the merger of  language studies  ​which by extension will reduce their respective professions. They complain about the missing fundings of universities and the way certain degrees are issued.

The students’  key demand  is  the  correct  funding  based on the cost of education. The authorities were forced, because of the ongoing occupations, and to maneuver, to seek dialogue with students, dialogue  stubbornly refused before the takeover.