Militant Demonstration of Unions, Students, Teachers Against the Fascists


20170121 (12)

The working class of Piraeus, the students and teachers of the local schools, with the Parents’ Associations held a militant demonstration on Saturday, January 21st, against the racism and xenophobia cultivated by the fascists of Golden Dawn.

The demonstration was organized as a response to the fascists, after a school meeting for the reception of refugee children was attacked by a fascist raid battalion, of the Golden Dawn last Tuesday. The fascists had attacked the parents and the teachers, while police forces were present and did nothing to stop them. The fascists were repelled by the strong stance of the teachers and the people at the school.

At the demonstration the class unions, the students, parents and teachers highlighted that the people of Piraeus is welcoming the refugee children, the victims of imperialism, and together must fight against those who create poverty and wars.

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Greece, Athens January 23 , 2017