Mexico: Mobilizations of teachers


Thousands of Mexicans teachers demonstrated on Friday excluding the access to the international airport of the city of Mexico protesting for the reform promoted by the reactionary government in education, a reform that aims at broadening the manipulation of the teachers.

The teachers react to the so-called “Agreement for Mexico” agreed by the bourgeois parties.This agreement was supposedly to improve the public educational system. The new organic law provides the so-called teachers’ evaluation, which in essence is related to their subjugation to the dominant policy. The new law will be directly connected with the possibility of promotion and wage increases while it also contains changes in the program and the content of the courses and in the operation of the schools. The new law degrades the public education in favour of the private.

The teachers accepted to withdraw their blockade of the airport on Saturday early in the morning, when their proposal to the government to meet their committee and present their demands, was accepted. They held their meeting without any result, while they co-decided to repeat a meeting on Monday.

The mobilizations of the teachers have been escalated for several months, since the previous April when the new law was voted.