Message of the World Teachers Union (FISE) to the Mexican government

21 June 2018

The message of the World Teachers Union (FISE) to the Mexican government is hesitant among teachers and the trade union movement in general echoes of oppression and terrorism to which teachers and trade union leaders are exposed in Mexico; Recently, the Mexican authority has been Confronting the peaceful protests and demonstrations of teachers by shooting at demonstrators, arresting and imprisoning them, leading to physical torture, which is rejected by international laws.

    What is happening in Mexico is not new; In the past three years, a number of our fellow teachers have been killed, in open and clear contravention of the most basic human rights, for the reason that they are demanding their legitimate trade union rights.

   Deploring these anti-human rights practices, the World Federation of Teachers (Fise) declares its full solidarity with Mexican colleagues and tightens their hands, and awaits teachers ‘ unions and educators belonging to our Union, solidarity with teachers in Mexico, and demands the government To stop these repressive and illegal practices, to release the arrested comrades and to fulfil the legitimate demands of the teachers.

   President of the World Teachers Union (fise) Dr. Hasan Ismail