May Day Greetings from Amiya Kumar Mohanty President of FISE-WFTU

Dear  Comrade,

Warm greetings and  Best wishes to you all  on the  memorable  day  of International Workers Day,May Day.This is a day  of remembrance  of the  struggle  of  working  class and  a day  of  introspection  of our  strength and  weaknesses  in the  long journey  to translate the  dreams Of Hay Market  Square  Martyrs.Let us remediate ourselves  under  the  broad platform  of World Federation  of  Trade  Union to struggle  against  all capitalistic  exploration and  to  protect the democratic rights of the working  class.Let us take the  slogan of  WFTU :Hope Lies in our  struggle, Satisfaction of the  contemporary  Workers  needs  and demand  Safe and  Free vaccine for all  to every nook and  corner of the world.
Long Live  WFTU, Long Live  Working  Class Struggle, Lon Live  FISE.
Amiya Kumar Mohanty.
President, World Federation  of Teachers Union, FISE