Lugansk People’s Republic

Dear colleagues and friends!

 I warmly congratulate you on the Spring and Labor Day – the May 1st!

May Day remains to be a symbol of renewal, bright hopes, mutual support and unity, the deepest respect for creative work. On this day, according to long-standing tradition, we praise veterans whose labor achievements laid the foundation of our life today, and we honor all those who build a beautiful future.
The main tradition of this holiday is unity and solidarity.

The slogan “Peace! Labor! May!” passed through a century and remains relevant today. In solidarity lies the strength of our society, the effectiveness of our response to the challenges of our time. Today, more than ever, we must show unity and solidarity against a new threat to humanity.

Happy Spring and Labor Day, dear friends! Let the generous warmth of the coming spring days bring you a cheerful, joyful mood and give you strength for new achievements.

I wish you good health, happiness, optimism, success and prosperity!


of the Trade Unions Federation

of Lugansk People`s Republic                                                          Oleg Akimov