Little Rock Teachers Refuse to Teach In-Person

Little Rock Teachers Refuse to Teach In-Person – Virginia Municipal Workers Win Bargaining Rights –

by Mike Elk

Little Rock Teachers Refuse to Return to Teach In-Person

Last year, Payday reported on how teachers in Little Rock went on their first-ever strike.  Now, Little Rock teachers are exercising the power from that strike to refuse a return to teaching in-person at unsafe facilities, citing poor ventilation and facilities not being cleaned properly.

“We all want our lives to return to normal. That isn’t going to happen unless we take the necessary steps to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are willing to do what it takes,” Little Rock Education Association President Teresa Knapp Gordon said in the statement. “If we do not transition to virtual instruction now, someone is going to get sick. Someone is going to die. We will not be responsible for that happening.”