Issues of Teachers Movement in Nepal

Teachers who teach in Nepalese Community schools have been struggling for more than four decades for their rights and improvement in education system.

The main issue is to make the post permanent most of the teachers remain temporary because of government carelessness. Teachers work for twenty years and have to give exam after several years. The government doesn’t advertise vacancies for permanent teacher for a long time. There is a great discrimination between permanent and temporary teachers.

Teachers work for a long time being temporary and have to go home with empty hand at last. The government makes agreement and signed on paper but does nothing to implement it in real practice, so the teachers are on hunger strikes demanding a permanent job for some days to put pressure to the government.


  • The teachers who have been teaching in government school for a long time till now should be provided equal opportunity to be permanent securing 40 marks in exam.
  • Those teachers who do not pass the exam should be provided golden handshake with medicine and treatment package.

For the purpose the government should change the education act 2028, 9th amendment.

Long term demands

  • Advertisement for teacher selection should be regularly published and the process should be finished on time.
  • The provision of appointing temporary teacher should be stopped.
  • Teacher training program should be made effective.
  • There should be only one kind of teacher not 17 different types.
  • There shouldn’t be any discrimination between teachers and other social workers in salaries and facilities.